Unemployment insurance funds in Denmark | Complete guide in English

Unemployment insurance funds in Denmark | Complete guide in English

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Unemployment insurance funds are one of the greatest things about living and working in Denmark, as i creates a saftynet for you if you get unemployed. Read more about how to get unemployment insurance funds in this guide in english.

Cheapest unemployment insurance funds in Denmark

I  Denmark unemployment insurance funds is also called a-kasser. You need to be a member of an a-kasse in Denmark, in order to recieve unemployment insurance funds, so lets start by looking at the cheapest unemployment insurance funds in Denmark:

A-kasse Price/month Trustpilot
Det Faglige Hus a-kasse 497,- 4.4 ★ READ MORE
Popular choice
Ase a-kasse 527,- 4.3 ★ READ MORE
Akademikernes a-kasse 484,- 3.9 ★ READ MORE
Frie a-kasse 514,- 4.6 ★ READ MORE
HK a-kasse 530,- 4.3 ★ READ MORE
Business Danmark a-kasse 506,- 4.8 ★ READ MORE
FTF A-kasse a-kasse 488,- 4.2 ★ READ MORE
Min A-kasse a-kasse 506,- 4.6 ★ READ MORE
CA A-kasse a-kasse 528,- 4.9 ★ READ MORE
MA A-kasse a-kasse 529,- 4.7 ★ READ MORE
Lederne a-kasse 499,- 3 ★ READ MORE
Last data update: 08.04.2024

Generally there is no difference in the amount of unemployment insurance funds you will recieve, no matter what unemployment insurance fund you choose. So for many it makes sense just to choose the cheapest one.

The maximum amount you can receive if you meet the requirements as full-time member with a a-kasse is 20.359 kr. (2024) and as part-time insured, it is 13.573 kr. (2024). This is before tax, and the amount is the same no matter what a-kasse you choose.

For studens the amount is a bit lower, and also dependant if you have kids or not.

In the table above we have also included the trustscore of each unemployment insurance funds, since this is a good way of estimating if the a-kasse is willing and able to help you in a good way, if you need help with finding a new job.

We have written alot more (in danish) about the cheapest a-kasse here: billig a-kasse – on this page we have also given the a-kasser a score, so you can choose the ones we find the best right now.

Why become a member of an unemployment insurance fund?

Being a member of an unemployment insurance fund ensures that you will still receive an income if you become unemployed. The Danish labour system is built on a high level of financial security with a comprehensive safety net. The system ensures that members will still earn an income even if they become unemployed.

As a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you can access the benefits of this system. All members of the labour market have a right to receive unemployment insurance if they are unfortunate enough to be laid off. However, a number of conditions must be met. For example, it is required that you have already been a member of an unemployment insurance fund for at least 12 months by the time you apply for unemployment insurance. You can consult your unemployment insurance fund to learn more about these requirements.

The main benefit of joining an unemployment insurance fund is receiving unemployment insurance. However, it is not the only benefit. In most unemployment insurance funds, you will also gain access to a number of exclusive benefits. These include the opportunity to join free webinars, networking opportunities, career guidance and help with practicalities such as writing a solid CV. It also includes an option to sign up for additional wage insurance that will enable you to receive up to 90% of your current income if you become unemployed.

For more info, please read here.

Who can become a member of an unemployment insurance fund?

Anyone over 18 and 2 years younger than the retirement age in Denmark can join an unemployment insurance fund. However, joining would only make sense if you can receive unemployment insurance.

Suppose you are from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. In that case, joining an unemployment insurance fund is advantageous since the current EU legislation allows you to live and work full-time in Denmark. If you are from a non-EU/EEA country and your stay in Denmark depends on your work permit, joining an unemployment insurance fund will usually not benefit you since your stay is temporary. Since you will be leaving the country before your work permit expires and can’t search for another job in Denmark, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Graduates can also join an unemployment insurance fund – often for free as long as they study. If you complete an English-speaking education in Denmark, you have to meet a specific Danish language requirement to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

The video below is pretty good at explaning what an a-kasse is and why you should become a member when living and working in Denmark:

Transferring unemployment benefits

As a general rule, you must stay in the country that pays your unemployment benefits. Denmark has a particular restriction regarding the transfer of unemployment benefits for non-EU/EEA citizens. This restriction outlines that they will not be able to receive unemployment benefits while seeking employment in another EEA country. At the same time, third-country nationals will also be unable to receive unemployment benefits from another EEA country while searching for jobs in Denmark.

However, you can receive unemployment benefits from your unemployment insurance fund in Denmark for up to 3 months while you seek a job in a different EU/EEA country. If you are ever in doubt about transferring unemployment benefits, we advise you to consult your unemployment insurance fund to learn more about the specific requirements.

Read more about transfering unemployment benefits here.

Options for getting tax-deductible expenses for your unemployment insurance fund

Suppose you are a member of an unemployment insurance fund or a union. In that case, you will automatically receive a tax deduction for your expenses. There is a limit on the maximum tax deduction that you can receive, which in 2024 is 7,000 DKK. You can always check your annual tax return to see the specific amount of tax deduction you received for the previous tax year.

Become a member of an unemployment insurance fund as a student

Being a member of an unemployment insurance fund does not require that you must be employed and established in the labour market. Students can also join an unemployment insurance fund, and in most cases, membership is free as long as they are currently enrolled in a study program.

As a student, you may be eligible to receive unemployment insurance when you graduate. There are a number of conditions which must be met in order for you to be eligible. For example, you must have had a permanent address in Denmark no later than one day before the start of your education. You must also be physically present in Denmark no later than 14 days after your graduation date. It is also essential that you meet the language requirement or the affiliate requirement and be able to take a job with one day’s notice.

If you meet the eligibility criteria at graduation, you will be entitled to receive unemployment benefits from day one after your graduation date or after one month. The exact amount of unemployment benefits you are eligible to receive will depend on factors such as your age, whether you have children and the length of your unemployment. Graduates who meet the criteria can receive unemployment benefits for one year within a two-year period.

The infographic

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unemployment benefits in Denmark

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